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Apr 18, 2013

Preprint on TV filtering

Our paper on Dual-Constrained Total Variation on Graphs has been accepted to SIAM Journal on Imaging Siences. Preprint is available, as well as source code.
Category: General
Posted by: lnajman
Algorithms based on Total Variation (TV) minimization are prevalent in image processing. They play a key role in a variety of applications such as image denoising, compressive sensing and inverse problems in general. In this work, we extend the TV dual framework that includes Chambolle's and Gilboa-Osher's projection algorithms for TV minimization. We use a flexible graph data representation that allows us to generalize the constraint on the projection variable. We show how this new formulation of the TV problem may be solved by means of fast parallel proximal algorithms. On denoising and deblurring examples, the proposed approach is shown not only to perform better than recent TV-based approaches, but also to perform well on arbitrary graphs instead of regular grids. The proposed method consequently applies to a variety of other inverse problems including image fusion and mesh filtering.