The heart database: overview

This web site hosts a database of cine-MR (3D+t) images of the left ventricle. More precisely, the database contains the voxel data, one automated and two manual segmentations for each sequence of images. The segmentations are validated from a clinical point of view.

In the associated paper, we detail how the images were obtained, as well as how the associated segmentations were performed. We also provide the data clinical validation process.

This database, including tools to compute quantitative measures and the software package used to obtain the automated segmentation, is freely available for research purposes.


One of the main problems in the assesment of automated methods is the obtention of a database of cine-MRI and associated ground-truth segmentations that are also validated from a clinical point of view. Until now, to our best knowledge, no such base was available. This not only prevents the clinical validation of some of the pre-cited methods, but also precludes a fair comparison between the existing validated methods.

Future work

This database is a first step towards a fair evaluation and comparison of LV segmentation methods.
In the future, we plan to enrich this database with subsequent images and other modalities, as soon as these data are validated from a clinical point of view.
We also plan to include anatomopathological animal data (using rabbits and pigs).

Join the project

If you want to participate in this project, and make your work or your data available, you are more than welcome. Please contact us.


Papers are downloadable from this page.

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